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Walt Disney's Peter Pan: A Game of Adventure (1953) is a Transogram Company Inc. track board game based upon the Walt Disney Productions animated feature film, Peter Pan (1953). The game was one of many toys that exploited the popularity of Walt Disney's post-WWII movies.[1] The object of the game is to be the first player to travel from the Darling's House to Neverland and back to the Darling's House.

Game playEdit

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Play begins at the Darling House in the upper left hand corner of the game board. Each player moves, in turn, the number of spaces along the track indicated by his spin of the dial. When a player reaches the Never Isle, he selects a character from the film (Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, or John) and receives the instruction card for that character. The player follows his chosen character's track on the board, obeying instructions upon the character's card. The player is also obligated to follow any instructions on those spaces he lands upon after spinning the dial during the course of his turn at play. The first player who travels from Never Land to Skull Rock and along the Stardust Trail to [Captain Hook|Capt. Hook]]'s ship, and returns to the Darling's House is declared the winner.


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