Template:Orphan The Market of Alturien is a board game for 2 to 6 players, released in 2007. Players assume the roles of stall traders in a market town, competing to attract customers. The board is divided into squares, with most squares permitting the building of a stall, always by at most one player. Six Customer models of varying wealth are moved about the board (no backtracking, although they may walk in circles) by the players according to the rolls of the dice, and spend their money at the stall at which they arrive. After at least one player has reached a predetermined amount of wealth, a Thief is released from the docks and may also be moved by the players - stealing from whosever stall he arrives in front of. If a player does not like the result they roll at the start of their turn, then they may move the Thief and then roll again, although they may not repeat this procedure a second time. Also once per turn, a player may buy either an additional market stall, an extension to one of their preexisting stalls (that sells more goods when a customer arrives at it), an "investment" (from a set of four that offer various special rules, such as being able to roll two dice and pick the most satisfactory result), or a "prestige card", which determine the winner of the game.

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