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Kyogami is a board game based around the issue of climate change and the Kyoto Protocol, which considered reducing greenhouse gas emissions without hindering economic growth. The game was designed to raise awareness of this and most of the game components are made out of recyclable materials.

The basic aim of the game is for the players to expand their businesses without increasing emissions, by cleaning up their plants by trading carbon dioxide quotas and using 'flexible mechanisms' as outlined in the protocol, the winner being the first player to own four factories without chimneys.


The game was designed by Michel Cruciani, in France, between 2002 and 2005, in order to explain the implications of the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol by the European Union, specifically the Carbon Dioxide Quotas. The game was originally designed for businesses to give their staff an understanding of the protocol but its success led its creator to think about expansion into the general public.

The game was praised by many organisations, including the WWF in France and was first published by Winning Moves in French-speaking countries in February 2006. An English version is planned.



At the beginning of the game, one player is designated the banker and all players are given two small plastic factories, each with 5 chimneys. Each player then places a quota on each of their chimneys.

The bank then distributes €80 million to each player, in banknotes as follows:

  • 1 x €50 million
  • 2 x €10 million
  • 1 x €5 million
  • 5 x €1 million


The final version of the game was presented at an exhibition during 'Green Week' in June 2005, as organised by the European Commission, due to its focus on the issue of climate change.