Template:Infobox Game Ghettopoly is a Monopoly parody released in 2003. Invented by David Chang, it uses Monopoly-like mechanics in the atmosphere of a caricaturized United States ghetto.


The four railroad properties are replaced by liquor stores. Other properties include a massage parlour, a peep show and a pawn shop. The Community Chest and Chance squares become Ghetto Stash and Hustle squares, while taxation squares are replaced by police shakedown and carjacking squares. Instead of building houses and hotels, property owners can build crack houses and projects. The seven game pieces include: a pimp, a prostitute, a 40 oz, a machine gun, a marijuana leaf, a crack rock, and a basketball.[1]


The game was criticised as offensively racist by a local chapter of the NAACP[2] and black clergy[3] among others.

The game was pulled from the market by Urban Outfitters, its retailer. Chang still marketed the game without their support, and created a sequel known as Redneckopoly. According to Chang's now-defunct website, further such games were planned, including Hoodopoly, Hiphopopoly, and Thugopoly. In October 2003, Hasbro sued David Chang over the game's similarities to Monopoly. In January 2006, Chang was found in contempt of court for failure to produce documents. The court thus entered a "default judgment" for Hasbro's continued use of "Monopoly" as a trademark, and dismissed Chang's counterclaims, which were to revoke trademark status on "Monopoly". In May, 2006, the court estimated that Chang generated US$879,000 in profits from the sale of Ghettopoly, and that damages of $400,000 were reasonable as reflected in the court documents [4].Template:Fact In June 2006, the court issued a judgment for Hasbro and against Chang for $4,000 in fees and permanently enjoined Chang from using the Ghettopoly name or selling any games by that name, or any other "opoly" forms that might cause confusion as to the source of the games, including Redneckopoly, Hiphopopoly, Hoodopoly, Thugopoly, and Latinopoly.Template:Fact


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