Free Parking is a Parker Brothers card game inspired by the "Free Parking" space of the Monopoly board game.

The game is played by two to four players, and game play focuses around using time on a parking meter to gain points; the first to 200 points wins. Each player has their own parking meter and a hand of up to six cards. Each player may play one card each turn, of several types:

  • Point cards, which deduct time from the player's meter in exchange for points.
  • Feed the Meter cards, which add time to the player's meter.
  • Free Parking, which allows the player to play a point card without deducting time from his meter, and protects him from Officer Jones until his next turn.
  • Time Expires, which forces another player to reduce his meter to 0 minutes (making him "in violation").

There are two cards that may be played at any time:

  • Officer Jones, which may be played against any player who is "in violation." When used, the selected player must discard one of his played point cards, lowering his current point total.
  • Talk Your Way Out of It, which negates the effects of an Officer Jones or second chance card.

In addition to these cards, on his turn, a player may choose to draw second chance card, which cause a wide variety of effects.

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